About TPL

We maintain a strong connection back into our past. We believe that our past has helped us to who we are now by ensuring the right culture that has been carried us this far today and continues to fortify us now.

1920’s: Early

TPL is an established family business which has been trading in a small town known as Teluk Intan in state of Perak, Malaysia for over 90 years. It was started as a small shop in the local wet market “Pasar Besar Teluk Intan.

It was first started off by Mr TS Pichai Pillai and continued by his eldest son Mr TP Loganathan Pillai. The journey of becoming a lead in this meat industry trade hasn’t been easy but it was the vision of the founders.

But as our successors have always eclipsed our challenges and inspired to grow further, the generations TPL has expanded greatly to a higher level and today it is known as “ TPL Fresh Meats” which was name after Mr TP Loganathan Pillai (TPL).

After a long journey and successful operation of the TPL meat market, to serve better for our customers.

TPL is a retail meat supply chain that was incorporated in 2006 by the sons of Mr TP Logananthan Pillai. The company’s line of business includes, production, distribution and processing of fresh goat and sheep meats with the state slaughter houses.

Our retailed meat market concept as many outlets in Selangor, Perak and Penang which offers comfort and space to our customers conveniently stop at our One Meat Center for their choices of meat.

TPL Fresh Meats Sdn Bhd (741561-X)