Business Overview

TPL one of the leading meat processor and supplier in Malaysia. Our range of products includes fresh goat or sheep meats, frozen meats, poultry, seafood, choice specialties and convenience products.

As a full-service provider for retail and wholesale trade, the food service sectors, and also the food processing industries. TPL has been by word for its quality of fresh meat.

TPL Fresh Meats Sdn Bhd was initiated and branches were opened in Perak and Selangor states in responses to the growing consumer demands for fresh meats.

TPL’s mission is to supply the consumers with fresh, high quality goat meat prepared in a hygienic environment.

This has been achieved as the company is involved in every step of the goat meat production, - rearing of the goats, the slaughtering of the goats and the preparation of the goat meat by professional butchers in the shops.

TPL Fresh Meats Sdn Bhd (741561-X)